Shirt Printing

Methods We Use

Whether it is that you are printing shirts for your sports team or have just decided to begin selling your own custom T-shirts, it is important to identify the difference between the methods required for T-shirt printing and techniques before deciding which method will best fit your needs. The techniques we use are mainly for fabrics that are specific for shirt printing. The screen printing technique is best suited for most fabrics. The color will be of great quality depending on the printing method, but with screen printing, you will be guaranteed of high quality results.

The printing technique that we use is screen printing. We use this technique because it best suits how the shirt will turn out. Screen printing is the best option for designing T-shirts because they require a high level of vibrancy. This means that when printing on a darker colored shirt, it will stand out and have more contrast.

Screen Printing

The ink that is in screen printing applies much thicker than digital printing. This results in brighter colors on the shirt, even if it’s a dark shirt. This way of printing has been known to be the best method of printing. It has also been known for a while and this way of printing has been used for many years because of its perfect results. 

The reason for why screen printing is the  best method of printing is because of the ink required for its use. Screen printing ink is much thicker than ink used in other T-shirt printing techniques. Screen printing also allows shirts to last much longer and result in high quality vibrant colors. A low quality ink will fade rather quickly and will not produce as vibrant colors as a high quality printer. 
The pros and cons of screen printing vary.

Pros Are:

  • Vivid, bright colors and maximum durability.
  • Can produce many t-shirts with the same design at a fast pace.
  • Compatible with fabrics that we mainly provide
  • Mixes well with inks and perfectly screens for the specific fabric that is used in.

Cons Are:

  • It can be messy
  • Needs a lot of space

An important reason we use screen printing is because of its efficiency with high volume orders. It really does depend on the size of the design, the quality of the ink, and how much pressure will be applied. About 500 t-shirts can be printed in one sitting, which makes it very efficient.

This method of printing will serve your custom t-shirt printing needs better than any other method used. It is perfect for color print and because of its long lasting results. Our customer service team will make sure that you are provided the best services and help you may need. Shirt order information is available by contacting our business office.

Steven Espinoza


A born and raised El Pasoan, Steven moved to Colorado to pursue a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. He returned to his hometown with hopes of giving back to the community that paved the way for him as an artist. Since working with Chuco Relic in 2023, he's felt a sense of accomplishment seeing fellow El Pasoans love and wear his work with pride. Ask him about his designs!

Ursula Avila


A self-taught artist, Ursula studied a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences at UTEP and started working in graphic design during COVID in 2020. Ever since, she’s re-found her passion for art while designing for Chuco Relic!

Why Urshfish? A walking Darwin fish is the symbol for evolution, so it’s a nod to Ursula’s science background- with the Urshfish holding a pencil instead

Andrew "Andy" candelaria


Andy, with a B.F.A in Drawing and Graphic Design, discovered his artistic passion through Spider-Man comics and later Jim Lee's work. Andy has been with Chuco Relic for 8 years and continues to provide a space for artists to showcase their talents. Andy himself has various projects displayed around the store and hopes to continue growing in the local El Paso art scene.

Gabriela flores


A proud jewelry designer from Chihuahua, Mexico, Gabriela’sbrand, Machá 'Ubí, meaning Woman of the Moon in Rarámuri, is inspired by the vibrant colors of the Chihuahuan desert and the Moon. After serving 7 years in the U.S. Army, including a deployment to the Middle East, she has embraced her creative side. Gabriela’s earrings are some of our best-seller items, and how could they not? Gabriela’s goal is to make you feel beautiful, empowered, and confident.