Creating Beats During a time of Uncertainty

Creating Beats During a time of Uncertainty

“I’ve been listening to a lot more music because I have a lot more time to do it. ⠀
I have practiced a lot more so I have more tricks in the bag” ⠀

DJ Jason Craig spends his weeks making beats 🎶 for a syndicated radio in Amarillo. While in quarantine, Jason has been listening 🎧 and creating music 🎵.⠀

“I’m a veteran, so I have always been creative when I don’t have anything. When I was on deployment I always had my laptop with me. If I hear something, anything I can create something out of it. I just have a different brain than other people.”⠀

Jason has gotten opportunities in being a DJ in multiple cities, but 🌇 he finds that with El Pasos strong Mexican culture, being black can be a hurdle. “Its always a shock. They see me and expect me to play hip hop. You need to get them warmed up with what they are familiar with. You have to get people comfortable and get them to trust you. Then you can play whatever"⠀

@jasoncraig___ is also an advocate for #blacklivesmatter ✊🏿. El Paso has a majority of Hispanics/Latinos ✊🏽, and feels most El Pasoeans don't know what is like to be a minority.⠀

"Racism is not real until you leave your bubble. Most people born and raised here will never understand racial injustice. Anyone who isn't white is a minority in the U.S. #BLM is taking care of everything to fight racial injustice. If your going to say something discriminate, you have to think 💭about what your saying. We are screaming 📣 at the top of our lungs that things are F'd up. You should be on our side. Just keep asking questions. They will have to explain it. Questions will continue to create conversations."

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