Standing Out with Quality photos

Standing Out with Quality photos

For the longest time, my struggle used to be trying to compete with everyone else 😔. There’s so much talent 📸 in this town 🌇, and I wanted to stand out 💥 and find a way to be noticed without copying anyone’s style.

I’d compete with who I saw was great in the photo community 📷 at the time. It helped me push myself to produce something of better quality ❤, but in the end, I realized that’s not what I wanted to do anymore. It’s really not a competition 🤼🏽‍♂️. It’s just a form of expressing yourself 🤗 and sharing with others❣. I saw myself grow and evolve in my mindset. I really didn’t wanna be better than anyone else. Or even stand out as being great at all.

I wanted to have fun 😀, and try new things. I wanted to push myself mentally and use my camera to help capture the process.

My biggest struggle right now? Is pushing myself to stay as creative 🧠 as possible, and to keep myself content with my own material. Maybe I can show everyone else who is also starting out, too afraid 😱 to start, or needs motivation to begin... it’s not about fitting in or being as good as someone you look up to. It’s about contributing your piece to this community 🌆. We all have a story and vision to share. It ALL deserves to be shared and admired. You never know; someone may be looking up to you too 🤷‍♂️

- @popnfresh13

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