Scooting in California Leads to Home business in El Paso

Scooting in California Leads to Home business in El Paso

I moved to Austin for college 🏫, but eventually returned home to complete my Bachelor’s in Nursing 🏥 at UTEP. Now, I'm working at EPCH in the NICU, feeling incredibly blessed to serve our community in this capacity.

Our family places a huge emphasis on supporting small and local businesses, as we own two local businesses ourselves: Truvize Financial Planning and @glideyourcity 🛴 🙌🏼

Jonathan (one of our partners), his wife Fallon (who happens to be one of my best friends from nursing school), along with another close couple, took a trip to California back in July 2018. There, they rode scooters 🛴 along the boardwalk and instantly fell in love. They returned from that trip with a mission: “Let's bring this to El Paso 🌇! Are you guys in?” We said yes and got to work. Glide was built from the ground up, from our technology to our branding. We proudly say, “Glide is by El Paso, for El Paso!” All three couples are UTEP grads ⛏ and wanted something fun and progressive for our city!

During the shutdown 😷, Glide ceased all operations. Despite this, we continued to pay our employees, understanding their dependence on their income and wanting to support them as best we could. Now, we're back! We've posted our new guidelines 📝 and processes on our Instagram/Facebook pages 📲. It's been a wonderful outlet for people to get out while still social distancing, offering them the opportunity to explore our beautiful city 🌆!

I thrive on seeing others succeed and I enjoy being a hype person for people, businesses, and progression in our beautiful Sun City 🌞! During this pandemic, I've been praying tremendously for small businesses in the El Paso area. Many of us love our hometown and want nothing more than to give back to EP, seeing it progress, thrive, and become a place beloved by many, just like we do! I'm proud to call El Paso home 🏠! I've been blessed beyond measure in life, by God’s grace... and my relationship with Jesus Christ is of utmost importance to myself, my family, and my business partners.


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