Cosplaying for the Positive During Quarantine

Cosplaying for the Positive During Quarantine

"I've got so many treasures from Chuco Relic 🐊. You all are my absolute fav ❤️. I love how Chuco Relic provides an authentic way to represent El Paso," she beams.⠀

This phenomenal Chuco artist 🎨 dazzles crowds with her stunning cosplay, whether she's channeling Harley Quinn♦️ from Batman 🦇, embodying Cammy from Street Fighter 🥋, or even donning armor🤺 during the pandemic 😷 to visit the store. But amidst it all, she remains optimistic about the future.⠀

"I'm looking forward to a life that's more connected and genuine. Quarantine has taught us to appreciate things we once took for granted, like quality time with loved ones 👪, leisurely trips to the park 🌷, or dining at our favorite restaurant 🍝."⠀

Thank you for the uplifting words 🙂.

 We hope to see you @chucorelic 🐊 gear in the future @charityann.cosplay , and in future events. 😁

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