Activist Stands Ground in EP

Activist Stands Ground in EP

One of the most daunting experiences I've faced was attending a rally with a local Austin Black Lives Matter group during Trump's presidential campaign. Unlike typical protests where activists dominate the crowd, we found ourselves outnumbered by those who opposed our cause.

Standing outside the venue, we boldly chanted "Black Lives Matter" to rally attendees as they exited, bracing ourselves for the barrage of insults hurled our way. Though we knew we wouldn't sway any Trump supporters, our presence was a powerful declaration: Black people and their allies refuse to tolerate the resurgence of explicit racism.

In the realm of community organizing, my commitment to racial and social justice is unwavering. It's ingrained in my consciousness to challenge power dynamics and advocate for marginalized communities. Living in a border city, I often find myself navigating the concept of "nepantla" - the Nahuatl term for being in between. It's a space that embodies the blend of two nations torn apart by militarization and colonization.

This constant navigation has shaped my identity, leaving me feeling neither fully Mexican nor fully American. As Gloria Anzaldua, a borderland writer, aptly puts it, I am 'ni de aquí, ni de allá' - neither from here nor from there. Yet, despite the challenges, I remain steadfast in my commitment to justice and equity. 🌎✊🏽

"--Alonzo Mendoza @dj.arm


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