Jedi Master of the Arts: Roman

Jedi Master of the Arts: Roman

Watching the original Star Wars film as kid, @romanmartinezartdesign was hooked, and inspired his popular Estar Guars game. "When I started painting my current work, it was just a matter of time." All 66 of Roman's original Star Wars loteria paintings are created using lasered stencils, spray paint, and oil pens. Roman's other work reflects the border region. "I have alot of El Paso, chicano, and pop culture inspired work. My style is ongoing and changing. Often influenced by Banksy, Warhol and Pollock." Of course his biggest influences are those at home. "I get ideas from my wife Moni, friends, family, art, books, film, etc. Some ideas develop over time, and others get done right away... Right now, I've been doing stuff with heroes I had growing up." Born in Dallas, Roman has lived all over Region. Yet, he always finds himself in El Paso. "This is my 4th time living in EP. I love almost everything about EP. The people, the culture, the food ... and it's super affordable. I can't picture my self living anywhere else." With 50 to 60 shows a year, Roman has great support from the one person that matters. "My wife has been the driving force, and inspiration since the beginning of the current incarnation of my career. She is the reason I did my first show, and make this a full time endeavor. "

Roman has been a part of the growing art movement in El Paso. "I love the people, community and culture. I'd like to see more people getting their work into other cities. We need more art shows like Las Artistas that brings out of town artists in, and help local artists get a wider audience." Currently Roman is working on a new Latino movie version of Loteria. Check out his new site at .

Drawing by @andrew_elpaso_art
Loteria Cards by Roman

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