Serving Up Big Dreams at Multiple Jobs

Serving Up Big Dreams at Multiple Jobs

Witnessing a friend's dream come to life is a remarkable journey. From brainstorming beer names to crafting logos, every step was filled with excitement and dedication. When the neon sign bearing my design lit up above the brewery door, it marked a moment of pride and achievement.

Now, as part of the Chuco Relic team, I bring my passion for creativity and dedication to every project. From handcrafted goods to innovative designs, I strive to infuse each endeavor with vibrant energy and a touch of sass. Join me on this colorful journey as we celebrate community, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams.

The brewery is none other than @deadbeachbrewery , 🍺but it would not be the last business Amie would add her special touch to.

Amie brings a vibrant blend of color, creativity, resourcefulness, and just the right amount of sass to the Chuco Relic team, joining us from 2019 to 2020. Despite her newcomer status, she's no stranger to the brand, having been a loyal patron since its days as Manchot. Enthralled by the heart and dedication poured into the store, she knew it was a special place.

Her journey to Chuco Relic began at the downtown farmer's market, where she crossed paths with Chelsie, the founder. Impressed by Amie's brand, Toasty T's, Chelsie decided to feature her handcrafted items in the store. From hand-painted onesies to unique kitchen sets and photography-inspired pieces, Amie's contributions added a distinct flair to Chuco Relic's offerings.

Despite juggling the demands of motherhood, multiple jobs, and various endeavors, Amie approaches each day with enthusiasm and adaptability. Her initiation into the Chuco Relic team coincided with a whirlwind period, navigating the opening of a new Copia location and the El Paso Strong movement. Yet, her resilience and capability shine through, proving her ability to thrive amidst challenges.

Join us in celebrating Amie's vibrant spirit and valuable contributions to the Chuco Relic family, as we continue to embrace creativity, community, and the ever-changing journey ahead.

Help us Welcome Amie @toastyts to the Chuco Relic team 👏🏽
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