EP Queen of Comedy and Brunch

EP Queen of Comedy and Brunch

" Meet a vibrant 25-year-old El Paso native, embracing life with open arms and a zest for adventure. Known affectionately as the Brunch Queen, Sundays are reserved for indulging in her favorite pastime. By profession, she's a digital and social media marketer, constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges.

Despite her boundless energy, she grapples with the uncertainty of where to steer her business next. Her ultimate goal? To create a comprehensive course on digital marketing, empowering businesses to thrive in the online realm. Additionally, she dreams of launching her own E-commerce store, merging her passion for entrepreneurship with her expertise in digital marketing.

Her career highlights include collaborations with an animal clinic and a local spa, experiences that have been both rewarding and enjoyable. On social media, she dons the label of a comedian, aiming to spread joy and laughter through her daily adventures.

With her infectious enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, she's carving out her path in the digital landscape, one brunch at a time." @savii_dee

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