Providing Guidance to the Next Generation of Students

Providing Guidance to the Next Generation of Students

"My journey began with humble roots, as the child of migrant farm workers who prioritized family and education above all else. Witnessing my parents' unwavering commitment to learning, despite their own sacrifices, ignited a passion within me to follow their example. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, along with a Master's and ongoing pursuit of a Ph.D., I've dedicated myself to empowering the next generation.

Inspired by the impact of my parents' teaching, I strive to instill self-confidence and motivation in my students, fostering a love for learning and the belief in their own potential. Every day, I embrace the responsibility of guiding and inspiring young minds, ensuring they take ownership of their education.

Beyond the classroom, my greatest joy lies in being a devoted husband and father. While I was born and raised in Brownsville, TX, my wife's longing for home led us to El Paso, where our journey continues as proud members of the #gentedelchuco community."


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