Teaching Students to Explore

Teaching Students to Explore

👋 My name is Tafari Amin Nugent, and I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York. I have my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing; I teach First Year English. I enjoy the engagement of new ideas and the innovative ways to view the world that the students provide. I hope my teaching methods allow students to explore their interests and be able to talk about them with the world.

📚 The longest work was my thesis, which was a series of short stories about El Paso from my view of over 15 years living in the Sun City. It entails stories about the North East, the Westside, Central, Southern El Paso, the Eastside, and one of the ports of entry. I hope to explore the differences in people as well as the similarities people share and to show that there are way more similarities than differences. I want to give voice to individuals who don’t normally get to speak.

🗽 Some of my favorite stories about New York would be seeing Biggie Smalls driving in his red Land Cruiser, doing karaoke with Quentin Tarantino the first time I had sung karaoke, meeting Drew Barrymore, meeting Common, really just New York life in general.

🌇 My favorite El Paso stories would be meeting El Paso’s artists Zechs Marquis, Nicole Fargo, Emily Davis, and a lot of others. I even had Biscuit Rollers play out one of my birthdays. And that’s just the music scene, let alone the other arts in El Paso.

IG: @taemn7

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