Amor Juan Gabriel

Amor Juan Gabriel

We go across the border to the city where Juan Gabriel "el Divo de Juarez" grew up and always held dear to his heart.❤️ The Noa Noa nightclub, after which he wrote the song “Noa Noa” was located in Avenida Benito Juárez, just yards away from the Paso Del Norte International Bridge. This was actually where Juan Gabriel began his artistic career, when he sang under the name Adán Luna. He was just 16 when he first started singing at the Noa Noa, earning $5 a day.

Juan Gabriel quickly went off to achieve fame, becoming a well known Latin Legend loved by many. In his early 20s, when he was still starting his career, he lost his mom, after which he wrote and dedicated the song “Amor Eterno” as a prayer of love. It appeared in Rocio Dúrcal’s “Canta A Juan Gabriel” album which he wrote and duet in. It became an iconic song for many that suffered a great loss.❤️‍🩹
As for Noa Noa, the nightclub burned down in 2004, due to a fire caused by a short circuit, and it now serves as only a parking lot.

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