Caring With Hair Cuts

Caring With Hair Cuts

GENTE DEL CHUCO: “When I first started giving free haircuts to migrants at the Sacred Heart Church, there was a lot of people telling me to be careful. That these people shouldn't be here, they should come legally, etc. But I realized there's nothing stopping me except for myself, so I kept going. I even got a little team together. Six or seven of us, giving fresh cuts.

My grandma’s parents actually left their home in Mexico when she was young, and moved to the US too. It makes me think about this, and how we're all immigrants. We're human beings who deserve to be recognized as humans, regardless of our skin color, or where we come from, our race or religion. These people are just looking to do better for their life. They deserve an opportunity too.

At first, I’d be really involved asking everyone deep questions, I realized pretty quickly that it was just really sad.. and my heart just hurt. Being here in the US was a big relief for them, but nothing is promised about even staying here. Yet they were happy that they had made it here, because it was a long and hard journey. Hearing their stories really makes you think of the difficulties others go through, and your own blessings. Now I can only hope they will be okay.

I actually had a near death experience last year. And after that my whole concept on life and how long we could be in this earth really changed. Doing this the past few months has been teaching me to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You think, I might get robbed–you never know, you're cutting hair in an alleyway, surrounded by a bunch of people.
But doing good is it’s own protection, because at the end of the day, everybody leaves with a good haircut and a smile. You get the feeling that they have your back, because they appreciate your time. A haircut is something simple, but it gives dignity. Regardless of their circumstances, everybody deserves that respect.” @quest_cuts ✂️

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