Chuco Relic's Amazing Ferny!

Chuco Relic's Amazing Ferny!

Gente en el Chuco: Ferny 👕🖌️

We’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on the incredible minds that make up Chuco Relic, like our Print Master, Ferny.
Ferny has been at Chuco Relic for over a year and it’s very likely that your Chuco Relic’s tees have been printed by him! Ferny is a self-taught printer who is actively working on perfecting his craft.

“My inspirations has to be my family, I’m first generation Mexican-American and my parents always found ways to give me a good life. Hard work and determination with a splash of hustle mentality. They showed me that life is what you make it. Actions speak louder than words.”

Ferny grew up helping his dad with his photography business. “The process of prep, shooting and developing is very similar to screen printing. I have always had a passion for graphic design and it was only a matter of time before I realized, how can I put these designs onto a shirt so I can wear it. As a skateboarder my friends encouraged me to keep printing and further my passion in the field.”

We love having Ferny be a part of our team and hope that you can find inspiration from his advice! “My advice to anyone learning how to print is to never stop learning and experimenting with the process. Don’t limit yourself to just shirts. Print on anything and everything possible it will help your technique and will help establish your style in the world of screen printing.” 🤖

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