Filming  and Finding your Way in the Sun City

Filming and Finding your Way in the Sun City

GENTE DEL CHUCO: “I started with photography first, then on my own films. I was working on advertisement, commercials, etc., then in 2020 I started freelancing in the film industry. There were not a lot of productions coming here to the El Paso/Juarez area, so it wasn’t easy. My short film (Picture 3) got accepted with @femme_frontera , which is an El Paso organization that helps female and non-binary filmmakers. Now I partner with them for workshops. I also partner with my husband @xingaderas a lot, in both films(Picture 3, 4), and photography for his art. Last year, I had the opportunity to work in the Netflix TV show Tex Mex Motors. I started out as a production assistant, and I had the opportunity to escalate to production coordinator. So that was an awesome opportunity. We shot for over six months. We’d be going out into the desert like every day. It was very exhausting, but also very satisfying, especially seeing the final product now. The slow or “dry” times are tough, though. The thing is, you have to be available, just in case. The film productions come out of nowhere, that’s how you get the gig. But what keeps me going is that big rush you get when you’re very passionate about something.. That’s how I feel being on set. Even if it’s super hot outside, everything else just sort of fades away, and you’re focused.” 🎥- @celizard
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