Halftime and Ghosts

Halftime and Ghosts

October’s got us feeling spooky! Today we throwback to one of the spookiest places in El Paso…of course that’s El Paso High School!🏛️

First opening its doors in 1916, it was nicknamed the “lady on the hill”, as it sits on the base of the mountain, overlooking the city. Its main corridor floor was of marble and the classroom floors were made of hard maple, construction cost was around $500,000.

This now historical landmark is home to many ghost stories…One of the many reports was that people kept seeing an image of a girl jumping off from the balcony. Many of the original hallways and classrooms have been closed off and walled up, some believe as a result of an attempt to keep spirits away. And during WWII, many believe that the underground tunnels found below the school were used as shelters.. Or a morgue, and that's why there are many "ghosts" roaming the school.👻

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