Life's a Drag... So Work it! Let's Celebrate Pride!

Life's a Drag... So Work it! Let's Celebrate Pride!

There is a lot to love about El Paso, but for the month of June, we decide to focus our #ChucoThrowbackThursday today to celebrate our city for its proud history of queer communities of color. Unfortunately, our state of Texas has been one of the harsher states seeking to criminalize drag performances and attacking the LGBT community, so it is especially in such a climate that our LGBT community should be supported and celebrated.🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

The history of Sun City Pride dates back to 2007, when a group of LGBTQ+ advocates in El Paso came together to organize the first official pride festival in the city! As the organization grew, what started as a one-day event has expanded throughout the years to include a full month of events around the city. These include events at the Southwest University Stadium, scholarship presentations for local students, bar nights, the pride parade, and much more.

This year, the @epmuseumofhistory is having a special exhibit for this month as well. "Drag in Focus: A Close-Up of El Paso's Drag Scene" celebrates El Paso's contemporary drag scene through photography and costumes. “In displaying these performers’ work, this exhibit asserts that drag is not a crime but a meaningful, highly skilled art that honors the diversity and expression of the human experience.”🫶🏽

Are y’all attending any events in celebration of pride month?🌈
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