Need Some Gas?

Need Some Gas?

In Manhattan Heights, central El Paso, at the corner of Grant and Elm stands a single vintage gas station⛽️. It was first built in 1919, and later served as the site to a radio 📻 and TV 📺 hospital (picture 2).

In 2007, El Paso businessman Rod Davenport purchased the service station and spent the next year and a half restoring it. His father had operated a gas station at Richmond and Piedras during the 1930s, so he stated that the renovation was “a work of love”, and a gift to the community. ❤️
The renovations included four reproduction gas pumps in the style of the 1930’s as decoration around its exterior. (Pic 1) He also purchased two streetlights dating to the 1920s that once lit Texas Ave.

The gas station was later donated to the El Paso County Historical Society. Today, the gas pumps from the renovation are no longer there(picture 4). The society owns one pump, and is working on having the broken windows fixed.

Is there any other hidden gems in El Paso that you know of?👀 Let us know!

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