Picks Up for the Ever Changing Paydirt Pete

Picks Up for the Ever Changing Paydirt Pete

UTEP’s mascot has evolved over the years to the Paydirt Pete we know of today!⛏️

The first costumed version of the Pete mascot was created in 1980 (Pic 1), but he didn’t last too long… as it turns out, his looks didn’t represent “Paydirt” too well, and he was nicknamed “Sweet Pete” instead. Another Pete later came in the scene, looking more like a disheveled miner, and was nicknamed “Deranged Pete”. (Pic 3) These two previous versions of Pete can be seen at the UTEP Heritage House. (Pic 2)

It took a lot of evolving over the years, but our current Paydirt Pete (Pic 4) is actually the 6th rendition!😮 And in fact, before Pete, students had voted to make a burro the school’s first mascot, and would take “Clyde” the burro to sporting events (Pic 5). The dean, however, didn’t agree with it being an appropriate representation of the school of Mines. In 1974 Paydirt Pete won in a contest to be the next school mascot, and officially started his costume journey!

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