Ready for some End of the Year Football!?

Ready for some End of the Year Football!?

As the holidays come to a close, today’s #ChucoThrowbackThursday El Paso Christmas tradition is the Sun Bowl game! The first official Sun Bowl game was in 1935, played at the El Paso High School’s stadium on New Year’s Day, featuring High School teams. It was held as a fundraiser by the El Paso Kiwanis Club to benefit underprivileged children and to pay for improvements to El Paso High School's stadium.

The game was a hit, and it moved to the UTEP campus three years later, first taking place at Kidd Field. Since 1935, the game has been held annually, and thus it can definitely be said it has been an El Paso tradition!
This year’s game of Notre Dame vs Oregon State has officially sold out, for the first time since 2010. Will you be there? 🏈

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