Take a Hike Through History

Take a Hike Through History

Let's take a hike! One of the many great things about El Paso, we think, is our mountains. ⛰️We don’t only have our beautiful Franklin Mountains, but take a bit of a drive East, you’ll find Hueco Tanks in El Paso County. There you’ll not only find a place to hike, camp, and climb, but the preservation of history of those who came before us. Human habitation here dates back 10,000 years.

Large natural rock hollows or "huecos" in which rainwater is trapped made this location ideal for dwellers and travelers in this desert region, and they left behind clues about their life in pictographs and other historical artifacts (pic 3,4,5), for which the park is designated a National Historic Landmark.

The Kiowa, Mescalero Apache, Comanche, Tigua and the people of Isleta del Norte Pueblo consider the site to be a meaningful part of their heritage as well.

Today, access is limited to 860 acres for the public to experience a piece of history. Climbing season is November - April, the peak months being January and Febuary, which are the coldest months.🧗

Have y’all visited Hueco Tanks before?


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