Take a Shot With Your Favorite Dog

Take a Shot With Your Favorite Dog

GENTE DEL CHUCO: “So this is a classic story of an idea on a napkin. The company was founded in 2019, when our owner really fell in love with tequila and kind of had a “why not us” moment. He knew almost immediately that the bottle had to be a chihuahua, and the tattoos came early too, telling the story of El Paso.

And then.. COVID happened. So the first half of the product itself was done virtually. It wasn’t until 2021 that our team actually flew to Jalisco to work with our distillery to nail down the recipe. Then there was glass shortages and all kinds of supply issues globally. So our recipe was ready, but there were no bottles to be found. We decided to bottle what we could and submit our tequila to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for the 2022 season. And we were so excited when our Blanco, Reposado, and bottle design won a silver medal.🥈

Our bottle was ready, and it came to life: According to the lore, our little dog was born in Jalisco but decided to leave home to find his way. He traveled a long way, following the North Star. That star grew bigger and brighter, and it turns out that he was actually following our star on the south end of our Franklin Mountains. ⭐️⛰️ Here, he was accepted, and what was once a little dog in Jalisco became El Perro Grande to El Paso.

We truly feel that his story is very indigenous to who we are as a people and what our culture is like, being small but mighty, and being the underdog. El Paso is a place of two cultures, two languages, and two flags-- It was Mexico first, and then Texas. But it is one people, and a unique spirit and blend that you can’t find anywhere else. So we set out to make a tequila that captured that spirit of El Paso.” - @epgrandetequila

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